15 years of experience in
cell phone distribution

About Company

Since 1999 the "Ziko" company has been providing a wide range of services in mobile phone distribution. During this time company has established solid relationships with partners in Czech Republic and worldwide. Many years of experience allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers, understand their problems and be involved in decision-making process.

We make constant development and take part
in international fairs and conferences


partners from
10 countries


online and
offline stores


TOP 3 company with
3 subsidiaries


Our company has overcome successfully the rise and fall of world leaders in the industry, the emergence of new market players, the development of new product categories and niches as well as the crisis of 2008. All those factors have made the "Ziko" company stronger. It demonstrates the profitability of the company.


The values of the company are partners trust and staff loyalty. The wide presence and the constant extension of the geography of our business partnership give us a reason to believe that it will be comfortable and profitable for you to work with us.

Purchasing and Logistics

Strong competition allowed "Ziko" company to develop and to apply into the practice the effective rules of cooperation with all players in the purchasing market. We are open to cooperation with all companies and we are ready to discuss your propositions. Please do not hesitate to contact us now!

Our company established its own internal logistics department in order to create a high quality distribution service. For our clients and partners:


distribution partners


Czech Republic covering with broad
network of logistic partners


supplier countries

The company provides high-speed delivery of the products:
6 days working / 24 hours delivery to any regional center of Czech Republic and 48 hours delivery to any district center.


Sales and Products

The Sales Department of "Ziko" consists of professionals deeply involved in their work.


products available to buy


categories in product list and 8 brands available to ship


goods pre order, delivery time
14-28 days

Responsible approach to the product list, that we promote and offer to our partners, incomparable selection of the product portfolio help our partners to achieve maximum profitability.


The wide infrastructure allows us to deliver the products and services to our customers in the district
and regional centers very fast.

Nowadays our company operates in Czech Republic. And we continue
to expand our partnership worldwide.


It Is Profitable to Cooperate With Us

The "Ziko" company is a reliable partner. We are confident in the future. We offer сompetitive market pricing, bonus system, credits and skilled personnel. It’s a mutual benefit for both the partners and the customers to cooperate with us.

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